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Compact Power Equipment Rental Takes On The Toro Line

April 24, 2013


Toro TRX Trencher Compact Power Equipment Rental

Compact Power Equipment Rental has taken on the TRX line of Toro trenchers. Toro's TRX16 and TRX20 trenchers are being met with great enthusiasm by DIY'ers and contractors alike. With a little know how, you can take that project off your wish list.

TRX trenchers work faster and straighter than you’d ever expect from a walk-behind trencher.

The track drive design provides a low center of gravity and large footprint offering stability and increased maneuverability — without causing damage to existing turf. The tracks also disperse the weight of the machine, providing high floatation while delivering the necessary traction in loose sand or mud. 

Keep it simple...

Tracks instead of wheels. Simplicity instead of complexity. The TRX trenchers are the first tracked, dedicated walkbehind trenchers that have it all. Tracks — combined with Toro’s exclusive easy-to-use control system — provide unparalleled maneuverability, all while offering the ultimate in operational performance.

High Hydraulic Flow...

Maximum digging efficiency is accomplished by the 10 gpm @ 2,900 psi hydraulic system.

Pivoting Trencher Head...

Provides high ground clearance to make moving in difficult terrain easier than other trenchers.


TRX Control System

Easy-to-use control system offers less jerking motions, unlike other trenchers with handle-bar steering.

Kawasaki® Twin-Cylinder Engine

The powerful 16 and 20 hp Kawasaki® twin-cylinder engines mean your trencher will be reliable and easy-to-start. The large oil reservoir maintains a cooler running engine while prolonging engine life.

Download the Toro TRX Trencher Line Literature 

Download Compact Power Equipment Rental's Trencher Tool Rental Tip Sheet

Toro Trencher TRX20 Home Owner

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