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Compact Power Equipment Centers program expands from 147 to 265 locations of The Home Depot

May 04, 2011

Leadership teams at both Compact Power Equipment Centers (CPEC) and The Home Depot agreed to expand the CPEC rental program from 147 locations to 265 locations. The increase in CPEC’s operational footprint allows the company better reach into the Southeast and Southwest marketplace and will position the operation to now service Virginia, Tennessee and Colorado.

Combined CPEC and The Home Depot can now provide contractors with a one-stop solution for their tools, materials and towable constractor grade equipment. Compact Power Equipment Centers will be rolling out approximately (130) TEREX PT-30 and (30) PT-50’s and (33) TSR50s, as well as (32) Kubota BX25 TLBs, (74) K008 mini-excavators and (100) BOXER brand trenchers.

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