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Boxer Adds 22 HP Diesel Mini-Skid to Product Line

April 22, 2008 and Compact Power Equipment Centers to carry the newest addition to the BOXER mini-skid product line with the 322D. The new 322D mini-skid offers the robust power that Boxer is famous for, only in a smaller, lighter package. The 322D accepts all of the same standard attachments as the larger Boxer models.  It is  designed to cater to the unique needs of landscape contractors, homeowners and especially the rental market (hire market) due to the ease of operation, smaller footprint and exceptional lifting power.

"Diesel is important to many of our customers both domestic and international, with great emphasis on the latter.  Some countries we do business in just won't accept gasoline engines in their fleet.  In these locations diesel is easier to find and considered to be a superior fuel. It isn't my job to change these perspectives.   It is my job to cater to the wishes of our customers." - Andy Lewis, Director of Marketing Communications, Compact Power Equipment Centers.

The 322D fills a niche market for those seeking robust lifting power but still want a smaller more nimble machine.  The 322D is a perfect assimilation of strength and speed.   See attached spec sheet for more details.

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